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Farewell to Woolworths

So goodbye Woolworths. Sad, but I fear its demise was brought about (in part, at least) by the common disease of today — wanting to be ‘all things to all people'.

In other words a clone of all other shops.

Then the other shops which it was trying to copy started to sell the same items cheaper, hence business fell off.

My early memories of Woollies was of an individual place — real wooden floors and individual counters (square-

shaped) for each area of merchandise — one for make-up, another for stationery, toys etc.

For each counter there would be an assistant and that would be her/his domain.

You bought what you needed and paid there. No big supermarket-type queues.

Maybe an enterprising person (if there are any left in Northern Ireland) could start again and keep ideas simple. Cheap and cheerful.

It scares me that this time next year we could be bidding other shops like Woolworths a similar farewell.



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