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Farmers should be milking more profits

Two litres of milk in most supermarkets will cost you £1, while two litres of a popular, branded fizzy drink will cost between £1.87 and £2.17. Does this make any sense to anyone?

The farmer has to provide buildings to milk his animals, provide veterinary care, feed the cow, milk her and refrigerate the milk ready for collection.

The fizzy-drink manufacturer simply needs a water supply, some concentrated flavouring, a little carbon dioxide, a plastic bottle and the product is ready.

Does this disparity in the retail price make any sense? Of course not. In spite of what appears to be a very low price for a healthy product, farmers say they are content with consumers paying the existing price - as long as they get a larger proportion of that price from the greedy supermarket.

I wholeheartedly support them.



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