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Fascism rearing its ugly head in Europe again

I WAS pleased to hear Hungarian fascist leader Gabor Vona was unable to find a venue to spew out his anti-Semitic hatred in London.

Vona's political party, Jobbik, could well become Hungary's opposition party after this April's elections. If this were to happen, I fear for both the Jewish and Roma communities in Hungary. The fact is that fascism is again on the rise throughout Europe.

As an Ulsterman living in Budapest, I can see how dangerous Jobbik really are. Their election campaign portrays them as the pro-family party, with traditional Christian values. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I've witnessed many hundreds of their vigilante wing, the Guards, parading through Budapest with their nazi-style uniforms. Sadly, this sort of news very seldom finds a way to the UK.

Jobbik leaders have called for a law to make Hungarian Jews with joint Hungarian/Israeli passports register themselves.

I would encourage all right-thinking people to make their voices heard, reject fascism and make a stand for truth.


Budapest, Hungary

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