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Father Christmas deserves knighthood

Although probably too late for inclusion in the New Year's Honours list, may I strongly recommend an award for someone who gives his life's work to providing enjoyment to people around the world, particularly to the young, but, indeed, to all ages?

I refer, of course, to Father Christmas.

Year after year, the list of (some) deserving recipients is published, much of it to the amusement of clear-thinking people. But not once have I seen even the smallest of baubles allocated to this great man.

In the present climate of unrest and misery, millions would be uplifted to hear that he is not merely to become Sir Father, but indeed Lord Christmas of Lapland (Might there be a Lady Christmas as well?).

Typical of his nature, though, he would be sure to give due deference to his team of elves and reindeer.


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