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Fathers should not walk away from children

Leaving aside all the moralising on broken homes leading to yob culture - as evidenced in the rioting and looting in England last week - there are as just as many damaged children who come from respectable, stable marriages as from single-parent families.

We need to find a new term for families where only the mother is involved in active parenting, because there is no such thing as a single mother in the sense that every child has a father.

Even if the child was born via an unconventional method, somewhere along the way a man was involved.

If the parents are not in a relationship together, this does not justify the father being allowed to simply walk away.

The biological father should be named on every birth certificate and they should be financially liable to support their child.

It's not a question of there not being enough money; it's a question of priorities.

The toddlers now being affected by cutbacks are likely to become teenagers with no hope for their future.




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