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'Fatwa' on Christine Bleakley unfair

Please Belfast Telegraph, don't jump on the media frenzy bandwagon. Am I the only one who feels very uneasy about how the hounds of Fleet Street have rounded on the show Daybreak?

I am horrified at the attack on Daybreak, but in particular on the presenters - with Christine Bleakley coming in for vitriolic comments. This has been going on since she made the decision to move from the BBC One Show and it appears to be a question of 'how dare this upstart from Ulster chase the money'.

So, okay, maybe I am guilty of supporting one of our own. I've never met the woman, but she does us proud on national TV.

She doesn't deserve the 'fatwa' of the English-led media - even though she had the misfortune of falling for a Chelsea player.


Carryduff, Co Down


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