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Fearmongers in US have a lot to answer for

F D Roosevelt famously announced that "people have nothing to fear but fear itself". I would suggest that a more apposite version for the present-day US would be that people have "all to fear from fear itself".

The state of mind of a nation's children, who are continually bombarded with fear of terrorism, fear of economic collapse, fear of national decline and armageddon inflicted by an Old Testament God of retribution, can only be imagined.

Factor into this mix a fragile, mentally unstable child growing up in a household where, by all accounts, a mother was stockpiling food and supplies - including guns - as a measure to protect from the imminent threat and maybe a reason for the abominable acts may be emerging.

The politicians and right-wing shock-jocks, who peddle these fears, have more to answer for than they could imagine.


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