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Fed up with Tony Blair being berated

I am fed up with the venom with which Tony Blair is being berated. The decisions to invade Iraq and Afghanistan took a great deal of moral courage, and it is a pity that the UN and other western countries did not show similar fortitude.

Had he not done so, we and other western countries would have been subjected to more terrorist atrocities, and those self-same critics would have been screaming, "Why didn't we do something when we had the chance?"

Remember, it was the Iraqi people who were dancing in the streets and tearing down the monuments of Saddam Hussein when that country surrendered to the allies, and it was they who tried and executed him and his henchmen for their crimes. Had we not invaded, Saddam would have set up training camps and provided funding for al-Qa'ida to terrorise the western nations.

As for Afghanistan, the readers only had to read your report " Taliban stones couple to death for 'adultery" (17 August) to decide on the righteousness of that cause. These people are evil.

John White, Sidcup, Kent

Belfast Telegraph