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Federal solution is only fix for sectarian border

Politics have left a dismal legacy in Ireland for the Brexiteers and the EU to sort out: namely an Irish sectarian border.

Prime Minister Theresa May has made the laughable proposal that this sectarian border be made invisible with the use of electronic gadgetry.

But the sectarian nature of the border will remain in the eyes of the people as a line in the map of Ireland, as peace walls in Londonderry and Belfast and as a sectarian head-count in every election here since 1921.

The sectarian parties of Northern Ireland and Westminster lack the know-how of resolving this historic and political problem. May's idea of putting an electronic plaster over the sectarian wound to cover it up solves nothing.

Federalism, however, has the know-how needed to heal the border - by getting rid of it. A confederate reform of the British Isles in relation to Ireland is needed.

These islands should be reconstituted as the Federal Kingdom of Ireland, along with the togetherness of the four historic provinces within the Confederate Kingdom of the Isles of the North Atlantic with a reformed Crown as Head of the Confederation. This is a complex resolution of a highly complex historic and political problem, but nothing less will do.

A federalist is old-fashioned enough to believe that only the removal of a sectarian border line from the map of Ireland will suffice.

Michael Gillespie


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