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Fermanagh economy needs immediate help

THE G8 summit is now long gone and the lick of paint around our towns and villages has begun to fade.

Over the past 30 years, almost all the factories in our county of Fermanagh have closed, causing many, many job loses. We do not have the advantage of areas such as Omagh, Dungannon, or Portadown, which have many highly-skilled businesses, including engineering and meat plants.

Fermanagh needs an immediate and massive injection of cash to help bring some life and vibrancy to the county's business economy. I would have thought by now that at least one call centre would have made its way to the county, but no.

If DETI cannot convince many of the so-called foreign investors to make their way to Fermanagh, then encouragement... should be commenced to encourage new start-ups, or expansion of existing companies. Fermanagh cannot survive on farming and seasonal tourism alone.

While it is pleasing to see Invest NI indicate its intentions to open a pop-up office in Enniskillen, Fermanagh needs something more than a fly-by-night arrangement that attempts to disguise the pitiful government response in the west.

Fermanagh needs help now in providing much-needed employment. There is a responsibility upon all Fermanagh's MLAs and councillors to step up to the mark in encouraging job creation and investment.


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