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Festive thanks for return of backpack

I was shopping at Ikea in Holywood Exchange last Thursday and, after putting my purchases in my boot, I left the trolley back.

After driving to Sainsbury's, I realised I had left my backpack hanging on the trolley.

I flew back to Ikea car park, but there was no backpack hanging on the trolley.

I feared the worst, with my bank cards, credit cards, cash and driving licence all in the bag. I went into customer service and inquired there and, much to my delight, the lady said a backpack had just been handed into security. Down to security we went and there I was reunited with my backpack and all its contents.

I believe a couple left it in, but they did not leave any contact details. If they would like to contact me via the Belfast Telegraph, I would like to thank them personally for their honestly and helping me avoid a very difficult situation.

Christmas spirit is alive and well.


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