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Few Christian values in attacks on Mayor

I read Alf McCreary's column (Saturday Review, September 9) regarding new Belfast Lord Mayor Nuala McAllister not having grace said before her formal installation dinner.

Even by Alf's standards, I found it to be a graceless and thinly veiled diatribe about someone who, rather than pretend they have a religious conviction for appearance's sake, chose not to be a hypocrite (unlike so many others).

While I accept Alf's point that travelling in famine-hit countries would instil a gratefulness for the abundance of food that we enjoy, surely it would also bring home the fact that a few pretentious pleasantries before stuffing your face wouldn't matter one iota to those starving abroad?

Then, to shoehorn in other things that he dislikes about the Alliance Party and their progressive, inclusive views shows that he may not be quite as christian (intentionally small 'c') as he thinks he is - especially when one takes into account Jesus's own teachings, particularly about removing the plank from one's own eye and about casting the first stone.

Mr Gibson


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