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Fianna Fail offers positive vision and hope

The recent visit by the Taoiseach Brian Cowen to open the Fianna Fail office in Crossmaglen has been very strongly welcomed by all members of Ogra Fianna Fail across the six counties.

Since Ogra Fianna Fail established its first cumann in Queens University and University of Ulster in September 2007, there has been a groundswell of support among young people throughout the north to its positive vision. The massive crowds around the Taoiseach in Co Armagh show similar support across the north.

Since the formation of the Executive in 2007, we have seen the four main political parties in the north allow a situation to develop where important issues such as education have become mired in gridlock and division.

The positive alternative being offered by Fianna Fail demonstrates the people of the north now have a real alternative to the old politics offered by parties like Sinn Fein and the SDLP.

The three established fora in Fermanagh, Armagh and Down have for some time now been developing and building up the party structure. This level of success is due to be replicated late this year when the Antrim, Derry and Tyrone fora are launched. The speed with which the party has developed organisationally is evidence that Fianna Fail's natural position is as a 32-county party and we look forward to the natural progression of our party into electoral politics in both local councils and the Assembly.


Chair, William Drennann Cumman, QUB


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