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Fifty Shades can help those with different tastes

ALTHOUGH not involved in a BDSM relationship, I understand that everything is negotiated beforehand and that limits are set and adhered to, and that the submissive, whether female or male, holds all the power and can end everything by saying their safe word.

Remember how homosexuals were afraid to "come out" and still are in some cases, and how certain people really believed that homosexual men were paedophiles who targeted under-age boys? Hopefully, most people have a better understanding of homosexuality these days.

Are we not in danger of treating people whose sexual preference is for BDSM in the same way by equating their lifestyle with physical and sexual abuse? How many people in the public eye have dared to come out and admit that their sexual preference is for BDSM?

If Fifty Shades Of Grey helps to reduce intolerance and raises public awareness of what a BDSM lifestyle actually entails, then surely that is a good thing?


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