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Fighter's death proof this 'sport' must be banned

The death of Joao Carvalho in the Total Extreme Fighting event in Dublin is a shocking reminder of how vile this so-called "sport" is.

Every week we read reports of youngsters engaging in street brawling that is almost a carbon-copy of what passes for entertainment in these "championships", including vivid descriptions of teenagers (or men in their 20s) being repeatedly kicked in the head while late-night drinkers urge on the combatants.

When the perpetrators of such assaults come before the courts, they are referred to as "louts", "scumbags" and "thugs" by straight-talking tabloid journalists.

Yet their "sporting" counterparts, who rain punches and kicks on each other in a cage, also with drinkers urging them on, are hailed as heroes and their brawling receives major corporate sponsorship.

This "sport" is demeaning, a disgrace to humanity that should be outlawed immediately. It belongs in the eternal Hall of Shame reserved for all bloodsports.


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