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Financial crisis ends dream of united Ireland

I FEEL one aspect of the Republic's financial crisis that has been underplayed is its effect upon unionism.

The Republic is now no longer an economically viable state and requires outside help just to continue to function with its current system.

As a result of this crisis, any form of united Ireland - at least under Dublin rule - would be impossible to implement.

Now that the constitutional debate is finally settled, it is time for all the Northern Irish political parties to pull together and build a strong, successful, Northern Ireland as part of a free, independent and sovereign United Kingdom.

It is time to put past differences to bed and build a country we can all be proud of - for all the citizens of the province.

It is about time that our political class addressed the real issues facing the country and perhaps the troubles of our southern cousins will show our politicians it is time to fix the real issues.


UKIP Northern Ireland secretary


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