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Fionola Meredith: Why have a child to dump it in daycare?

I'm a mum and I applaud this article.

I know a lot of single mothers who do not work and never intend to and yet their young children get priority placement in nursery school. That is where they spend their day while mum meets up with her ilk at the food court/cafe/pub. I also know mums who can afford not to have to go to work and pay for their children to spend three or four full days a week in private daycare.

I live very close to two private daycare nurseries and I see tiny toddlers aimlessly wandering around. Those children look so lonely and it breaks my heart. But, then, it is all about mum these days. The more women have achieved in the past 40 years, the more selfish many have become.


'Let's not pretend that allowing our kids to be raised in packs by bored, under-educated supervisors won't have a negative effect on them.' In many cases, the daycare staff care more for the children than the parents. They may also be better-educated.

Reality Dawns

Fionola: I am absolutely appalled that you call yourself a feminist and feminist organisations ask you to chair their events. I guess you just don't know what being a feminist means. It certainly does not mean attacking other women. For a mother, childcare is a total minefield of emotion and guilt – especially for those who either work to pay bills, or those who want to be a mother, but also want to work. What mothers need is support for whatever decision they make. What they don't need is a pompous, so-called feminist telling them what they should do.

It is their decision and they should be supported. How about you go and get a proper job and stop masquerading as a feminist? If you can't say anything nice, then I suggest you say nothing.


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