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Firmus gas prices to soar by 28%

The people who have gas should realise how lucky they are. I would love to pay £560 a year for my heating. I will be paying about £900 for two deliveries of oil each year, plus the inconvenience of having a great, ugly, oil tank in my back yard which takes up most of the space. Gas-users: wise up. Count your lucky stars.


Not a big surprise.

TJ McClean

I'm sure all those folks who rushed to switch suppliers to Firmus wish they hadn't bothered now.


Cooper1812: if they had stayed with Phoenix they'd be paying even more, since Firmus were already cheaper. Phoenix increased prices by 40%, while Firmus have only now increased prices by 28%. Why would those who switched wish they were still with Phoenix and still paying more?

RJ Bruce

GAA silent over racy Hunky Dorys ads

If these ladies were collecting for a GAA team I doubt even Jim Wells would complain.

Big Chief Ally

Why aren't the GAA going nuts?


No, not nuts, The_Damn_Truth, crisps. I would watch more ladies' GAA if they looked like that.


Welcome to Belfast. Please turn your watches back to the 1970s.

Dennis Moore

Tom Elliott is rumoured to be reconsidering his stance on not attending GAA matches.


I know no-one asked me for my opinion, but the ads look pretty 'Hunky Dory' to me.


Why was I expecting a reasoned, intelligent discussion of the issue here? I admit my foolishness and will make good my exit.



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