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First Minister Arlene Foster should join 1916 commemoration

Our new First Minister confirms that the DUP will uphold its Christian values as manifested in its opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion, which continues to set it apart from the UUP.

It is somewhat disappointing, though not entirely surprising, that the same Christian principles do not appear to extend to repentance and forgiveness.

There have been many terrible things done in this country in the name of unionism and republicanism over many decades and it is therefore past time as a country we moved on.

This writer loves his country in all of its diversity and history and it is disappointing our new First Minister has rejected the opportunity to participate in the 1916 Rising commemorations, because she views it as an attack on the country she loves.

There is need to accept guilt, no matter our backgrounds, north and south, whether unionist or nationalist there is guilt.

As leader of all the people of Northern Ireland has our new First Minister not just failed her first real opportunity to be stateswomanlike and grasp part of our whole history from the clutches of Sinn Fein?

Frazer McCammond

Democracy First

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