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First thing we need to change is our attitude

We talk about job cuts and this usually plays upon the emotions, as does talking about reductions in frontline services, such as nurses, carers and teachers. This doesn't have to be so.

What stops us from being a thriving economic entity? It is our fixation about being negative.

We can't do this, or that; we haven't got the legislation, we can't make a decision, we need more consultation. For years, I have heard people reciting this.

More and more people are fed up with inefficient service by the private and public sector.

Some years ago, Northern Ireland was seen to be 20% less efficient than Great Britain and, in turn, Great Britain was less efficient than the US, Europe and Japan. If we are to prevent a decline into regional poverty, as grants from Westminster and the EU and US investment dries up, we must change our attitude.


Belfast City Council


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