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Fish shouldn't just be treated as novelties

Finding Dory, the sequel to the smash hit Finding Nemo, may leave viewers tempted to purchase a 'Dory' (ie a blue tang fish) for themselves.

But these fish belong in the ocean - not in a tank.

The novelty of a fish bought on a whim fades quickly and many parents learned their lesson after the first film, when the goldfish they rushed out to buy to satisfy their kids' pleas ended up flushed down the loo.

Fish aren't 'low maintenance'. Bowls have to be routinely cleaned - a chore most children dodge very quickly - and the water's temperature needs to be carefully monitored.

Fish also need sunlight and, like Dory and Nemo, they need the company of other fish, too.

Go enjoy Finding Dory. But leave fish in the oceans, where they belong.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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