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Fisk is ignoring indiscriminate killing by Hamas

Robert Fisk's latest tirade against Israel contains clear inaccuracies and manipulation of the facts (Comment, August 2).

Mr Fisk sarcastically wrote: "Israel is the country which has justifiably slaughtered 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza." He then goes on to belittle the lives of the Israeli civilians who were lost in the conflict.

One needs to peel back the layers behind Mr Fisk's message to reveal the truth of the situation. Of the Palestinians who died, many were members of Hamas, a terrorist regime which rules Gaza for the sole purpose of waging war against Israel. Hamas states that Judaism is a "falsified faith" and that the killing of every Jew is the only way to achieve justice for the Palestinians.

Hamas provoked the conflict by firing almost 4,000 missiles and mortars at Israeli cities in the 12 months before the conflict - each one targeted at the civilian population.

Hamas wages its futile war against Israel in total disregard for the well being of the Palestinian population. They base themselves in civilian neighbourhoods, use hospitals as their headquarters, ambulances to transport weapons, schools and UN facilities to launch missiles and place booby-traps for Israeli soldiers in homes, public buildings and even Gaza's zoo. Unlike Hamas, the Israeli Defence Forces do not purposefully target innocent civilians for indiscriminate murder.

The people of Israel and many Palestinians want nothing but to live in peace without the fear of attack. I hope that some day soon they will be allowed to do this.



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