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Fisk the voice of reason amid the 9/11 frenzy

Thank the Good Lord for Robert Fisk (Comment, September 5). How unusual it is to hear a voice of sober sanity at the time of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

As the mainstream media hypes the sickly-sweet patriotism of the USA and the BBC feeds us with misleading documentaries which only seem to try to discredit anyone who doesn't swallow the official story, Mr Fisk takes a deep breath and strips away the Neocon myths.

As a former TA soldier who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, I have many questions about that day in September 2001, not to mention anger and shame for my part in those invasions and occupations that ensued - anger at our Government for lying to me and shame that I was ignorant enough to buy the lies that Blair and Co were peddling.

As a mere ex-grunt, I am having great difficulty sifting through the moraine of information available from the internet and the mass media to find answers to the troublesome questions around 9/11.

So, once again, thank you, Robert Fisk, for your succinct reporting of the legacy of our involvement in the 'war on terror' and helping a confused veteran make some sense of a very murky subject.


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