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Fisk wrong about Churchill's plan

Robert Fisk (Comment, October 17) wrote: 'We all know about Gallipoli; hopelessly conceived mess, dreamed up by Churchill.'

Well we don't, except for those who have fallen for the propaganda Fisk puts about. Churchill's plan was feasible and working brilliantly until it was scuppered by a series of military blunders.

Fisk need only have referred to the judgment of Churchill's political opponent, Clement Attlee, who described the Dardanelles campaign of 1915 as the only imaginative strategy of the war, adding, to Churchill: 'I only wish you had full power to carry it to success.'

As Major C R Attlee MC, he was the second-last man off the Gallipoli beaches after the blunderers seized disaster from the jaws of victory.


University of Portsmouth


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