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Fizzy drink tax attack won't stop obesity

Imposing a tax on soft drinks is not the solution that its proponents suppose (News, July 26).

Obesity arises from an excess of calories in the diet over calories expended in exercise and to deal with this means to promote active lifestyles and balanced diets, not single out types of food or drink.

Soft drinks provide only 3% of the calories in the average diet and, while the incidence of obesity is rising, the consumption of calorific soft drinks is not.

A tax on food would be both ineffective and intrusive.

Why should the Government impose a new tax burden on people who are living healthy lives and have no need to change their diets? Soft drinks are highly-taxed at present - for example, 10p from every 60p can is tax already.

Policies on obesity need to be targeted at those who need help - not used to punish people's everyday choices and little pleasures.


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