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Flag protesters to target Dublin

I really hope that this pathetic little protest is completely ignored by the people. Also I hope that, if this band of loyalists causes any trouble, gardai show them how to behave themselves.


Ha, ha. That made me chuckle. It is a joke, isn't it?


BigJockKnew2: Loyalism is a joke in Ireland, isn't it?

Irish Prod

Irish Prod: Loyal to a country which isn't interested in them.


Compromise has got to be the way forward on this issue.


Temujin: You don't compromise with terrorists.


Compromise is why the flag was not removed altogether.


Temujin: I agree that compromise is a better result in any given situation. However, I can't see where you're coming from on this point. Who needs to reach a compromise with whom over what issue? It's not like either side in this situation has anything to offer the other.


Do you not think we look stupid enough here without delegations going out to reinforce the steroetype? Argos must've made a fortune selling Dark Knight costumes.


Yamomami: Sounds like you want there to be violence. Why would anyone want that?

Dracula's Tongue

Good luck to them if trouble kicks off. The Garda won't be as light-handed as the PSNI have been. Would be funny to see some loyalists getting baton-charged for a change.


Surenah: When was the last time you saw the PSNI baton-charge anyone? All I see is police having to take horrific abuse and injuries from rioters, because they aren't allowed to do a baton-charge. Politicians would be up in arms about police heavy-handedness.

North Down Man

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