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Flagging up a few more designated days

Today is January 9, the birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge. It is a designated day for the flying of the Union flag on all UK government buildings and at Belfast City Hall.

It will eventually become necessary to reach a further compromise on the flags issue, but at present none of our politicians appear to be attempting to reach such a compromise.

As a start, they should consider removing note 5 of the designated days recommendation, which states that, on St Patrick's Day (March 17), only the Union flag should be flown and, instead, allow the flag of St Patrick to be flown alongside it, as in England, Scotland and Wales, where the national flag is allowed.

The Union flag should be flown on July 12, which is obviously an important date for many loyalists.

At that time of the year, there are so many flags about another few would hardly be noticed.

The Union flag will be flown on November 10 - Remembrance Sunday. In addition, at the Cenotaph, the Union flag could be flown for the period from September 28 to November 18, which represents the final phase of the Battle of the Somme. Again, this is an event which is of significant importance to many people in Northern Ireland.

Speaking personally, I would be happy never to see another flag of any description.

But we must escape from the abyss into which we have fallen.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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