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Flagging up some facts on a strong union

The recent trouble in Northern Ireland has indeed been caused by republicans who do want to hollow out the union. No matter how hard republicans try, the British people will always be British whether there is a flag flying over Belfast City Hall or not. They will always be British whether they are Protestant or not - some are in fact Catholic.

Those who commented that "those who wanted the flag removed want division" are correct. The recent political murder of David Black and the republican efforts to remove the British Flag were reminiscent of the bad days of old.

Have things really changed? Sinn Fein know perfectly well that a British majority exists in Northern Ireland. They also know that the majority of those who consider themselves Irish want to stay under a British administration, which is a statistical fact.

What peace process is there to speak of when the news goes black with accounts of politically or religiously motivated murders and violence.

Maurice Fitzgerald

Shanbally, Co Cork

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