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Flash Harry's political switch is desperate move

The departure of Harry Hamilton from the Ulster Unionist Party, with the added appeal by him to the Alliance Party, makes Mr Hamilton look both disloyal and desperate.

For those who worked for him at the Westminster election less than six months ago, his public departure, with the accompanying suggestion that the UUP has shifted its position, must be quite baffling.

One has to ask which policies or principles have the UUP renounced? What new direction has the party taken that Mr Hamilton doesn't agree with? And, even more importantly, what effort did Mr Hamilton make to change or adjust any such policy change before his departure?

So, since the Ulster Unionist Party has not changed, is it not fairer to suggest that really it is Harry Hamilton, or more precisely Harry Hamilton's public position, that has changed?

Mr Hamilton lost out in a democratic, fairly run selection process at both the local and central party level. He was beaten by new and able candidates, as well as an experienced sitting MLA.

Sadly, his behaviour is so out of keeping with his portrayal in For Queen and Country. In the documentary, Mr Hamilton came across as a thoroughly decent individual driven by his belief in the union and the policies of his party.

While many have suggested his departure reflects badly on the UUP, in all honesty his departure reflects badly on him. At one stage he looked like a new breed of politician, bright, intelligent, compassionate and principled. Now he looks exactly like all the rest.




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