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Flawed flag arguments won't fly with me

Guy Spence (Write Back, November 29) contradicts himself in his increasingly desperate attempts to make a case for flying the Union flag in line with Liverpool rather than Birmingham.

Firstly, while the whole unionist case has been based on the flawed idea that supporting designated days does not suit Alliance, Councillor Spence now claims it does. Secondly, he fails to distinguish between pride in the flag and demanding that it be flown all the time.

Unlike Cllr Spence and his colleagues, it seems, I am confident enough in my Britishness not to allow it to be hindered by whether a flag flies on a building or not.

Thirdly, I did not judge it a valuable use of council time to take up an issue of no real practical importance which would obviously be voted down by a unionist majority.

Unfortunately, the DUP chose to do precisely that last Tuesday, when the Alliance Party did, indeed, vote for designated days.

For all that, the real issue for the public is this: letters columns have been filled by unionists, misguided leaflets have been delivered by unionists, protests are planned by unionists - all over an issue of no importance to people's general well-being.

This month, a report showed that Northern Ireland was one of only two out of 19 countries where mortality rates had not declined since the 1970s, primarily affecting inner-city areas. Where is the fuss about that?


Alliance Party

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