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Flawed logic on homosexuality

The literal interpretation of God's Word has inhibited the ability of your correspondent, Defender of the Faith, to speak clearly and see the truth around him (Write Back, August 13).

I do not like it when fundamental Christians try to twist the words of God to suit their own objective. He claimed that animals not engage in same sex intercourse. In response to that, I give you scientific truth, straight from an encyclopedia: “Homosexual behaviour has been observed in close to 1,500 species, ranging from primates to gut worms, and well documented in 500 of them.” Therefore, I think it is clearly evident that the argument that homosexuality is unnatural is flawed, as certain animals, without feeling the pressure of social prejudice, engage in homosexual behaviour.

While I am a Christian and believe in God, I feel it is important that we interpret the Word of God in a suitable way, as if we were to literally interpret it, then we would just reveal our own hypocrisy.

For instance, in Iris Robinson's controversial outbursts, she quoted from the Bible’s Book of Leviticus quite a lot to support her argument that homosexuality is an abomination. Why did she fail to mention that, in Leviticus, make-up is condemned and that people must be condemned to death if they work on the Sabbath?

Does that mean, then, that we are all condemned to death?



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