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Flaws in the same-sex marriage argument

I was taught that, in a discussion, attacking your opponent is the sign of a poor argument. In that case, I feel sorry for Jane Graham (Life, May 24) and Grace Dent (Comment, May 24) in their articles on same-sex 'marriage' opponents.

Calling us names and imputing wrong motives to us will not change our beliefs; beliefs which have held true for many many generations. We are just sorry they cannot see the truth: that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, as that is how the human race continues.

A more serious flaw in their reasoning is a refusal to listen to what gay activists have themselves said about marriage. Peter Tatchell is on record as saying he "loathes marriage" and other gay activists have said that same-sex 'marriage' is only a step towards the abolition of marriage altogether. This is not alarmist talk – it is in their literature.

So, Sir Gerald Howarth not only has a right to express his views, but has facts on his side. And the "aggressive homosexuals" Grace Dent does not believe in are there, all right. They are the ones wanting to stop any expression of dissent and intimidating many from disagreeing with their agenda.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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