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Fleeced fans should put Irish League first

I REFER to Adrian Rutherford's article (Comment, August 18) in which he writes about how much attending a Premier League match in England costs fans from Northern Ireland.

It is obviously an extortionate amount of money, particularly in this time of deep recession. If fans are finding it hard to attend more than two or three matches a season, then I'd suggest they start taking more of an interest in their local Irish League team, where prices for most matches are no more than a tenner and, indeed, sometimes a lot less.

How about doing this instead of spending all their money travelling over to England or Scotland for 90 minutes of entertainment?

While I admit that the standard is nowhere near that of the Premier League, it is still 'our' football. Do these fans not have any pride in their own hometown clubs?


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim


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