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Flexibility is needed to give kids best start at primary school

TWENTY-FOUR years ago, my four-year-old son found himself in this position. He was four on July 1 and due to start primary school that September.

An enlightened headmistress listened to my concerns and agreed he could go to nursery instead that year.

The following year, he attended P1 (September-December), then moved to P2 for the remainder of the year. This meant that when he was leaving primary school, he was the correct age – albeit still only 10.

When he left grammar school, he was still only 17, but with five A-Levels and 11 GCSEs. He then went to Oxford, graduating when he was only 20.

I believe he would not have achieved such results if he had started formal education at four, when he was not ready.

Let's have more leeway and more parental choice here.


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