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Flight of fancy with Ryanair's Michael O'Leary

Last week, while enjoying the mid-day sun in my garden, I was startled by a thundering noise from above.

Looking up, I was even more startled to see what looked like a Eurofighter Typhoon about 500ft above my house, which is 300ft above sea-level.

This aircraft was weaving and twisting impressively as if in hot pursuit of James Bond flying one of those ridiculous invisible aircraft.

If the people of east Belfast, in their opposition to the extension of a runway at Belfast City Airport, want to hear what real aircraft noise is, they should relocate to Bangor.

Can someone please inform me, through Write Back, what the military aircraft was doing and its purpose?

The vibration was so severe, it caused my plums to drop off the tree.

Can I claim compensation from the Ministry of Defence? (Just joking.)

On the other hand, perhaps it was piloted by Michael O'Leary on his way to a business meeting to discuss a reduction in corporation tax - or the RAF chasing him out of UK airspace.


Bangor, Co Down


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