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Flightpath residents deserve sympathy

Terence J, (Write Back, December 6) shows little compassion when he refers to a resident (one who does actually live under one of Belfast City Airport's flightpaths) as an egotist.

Residents, from Sydenham, Woodstock and Ravenhill to Stranmillis and Ormeau, are forced to endure intolerable levels of noise from low-flying jet aircraft, sleep disturbance from late flights, 6.30am take-offs and, quite possibly, the effects of air pollution.

We are, therefore, entitled to stand up against the over-development of what is a totally inappropriate location for any airport.

City airports are not - to most town planners - progress. Most planners would not let this happen, but ours have and therefore we, as residents, must ensure that a balance is struck between what is sustainable development and what is a blight on people's lives.

That is the reason there is a Planning Agreement in place as a result of a public inquiry. Incredibly, the DoE fails to enforce it, so any further expansion is a major concern.

The runway extension is being planned purely to cater for Ryanair's stated ambition to fly to international destinations from the City Airport.

Flybe have publicly stated they don't want it, and I can see why - the public will increasingly turn against the airport because of the increased noise levels from Ryanair, when in fact most of Flybe's

planes are not the problem.

Not only is this runway extension unnecessary, it is also unreasonable since international routes already exist at Aldergrove only a few miles away.

Ryanair plans to fly 5,000-6,000 flights annually of 737s with full fuel tanks, full passenger and baggage loads over Belfast. The size of these planes taking off and coming in to land over people's homes is no joke.

Terence J would do well to visit some of the homes affected by these flights, then he might understand that residents are not being conceited or egotistical. They are just trying to protect themselves from the impact of an airport that is being allowed to run out of control.

Puking Resident, Belfast

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