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Flock of headless chickens leading the eurozone

Now that the Greek people, who are not the most bureaucratically advanced in Europe, have managed to organise a referendum in a week, other governments have no excuse for not holding referendums as often as their people want them. Maybe the Greeks are inventing democracy all over again.

The Americans have a healthier attitude to financial failure than northern Europeans, because they quickly clear up people's financial messes to allow them to rebuild their businesses.

Indeed, the whole eurozone seems to be managed by a flock of headless chickens by comparison, so my money is on the more positive Greeks to get what they want.

It is interesting how strict the Germans are being in all this, because in 1945 the whole world forgave Germany all its financial, criminal and humanitarian debts, which gave it the springboard for post-war recovery, quite out of proportion to the unwritten-off indebtedness that befell so-called victors such as the UK, which only recently finished paying interest on what we borrowed 75 years ago to forestall Nazi world domination.


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