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Fluffy words won't cut it as UU party leader

The first vote I ever cast was for the Ulster Unionist Party. In my 25 years of voting I have kept my faith with the Ulster Unionist Party. This has not always been an easy choice especially in the more recent years. However, the DUP must be revelling in the decision to select Mike Nesbitt as leader.

Mike was a good TV presenter but he's not a leader. There is more to leading that being able to deliver soft fluffy words. Comments such as "people should have homes not houses" do not reflect a man of depth.

This has already been demonstrated through his headline- grabbing statement about wanting to experience a day in the life of a poor person.

As a working-class person, I found Mike's comment patronising. He may live in a plush house but there is no need to patronise the rest of us. I was embarrassed when I heard him say it.

A brave choice by the party.

If his first few days are anything to go by, I fear we'll be back looking for a new leader soon.

Ms L Coote


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