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Fluoridation plan an affront to democracy

The proposal to fluoridate water supplies would be a major mistake (Write Back, February 18). This idea was killed off in the 1980s after a long campaign by the Northern Ireland Office to impose it.

Finally, it was taken to the local authorities, which voted 19 out of 26 councils against – many after hearing presentations from both sides. Belfast voted against.

Fluoridation is a coercive measure used by government to impose its will on citizens by virtue of a public utility – water – which no one can escape from.

By its very nature, it is anti-democratic. It is also a highly flawed measure from which many American communities are voting to discontinue.

This is not a technical matter about dental health. It is a political one about the rights of the individual and should be consigned to the waste-bin without further ado.

Please, MLAs, do your duty by us all.


Former chair, NI Pure Water Association, Groomsport, Co Down

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