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Fluoride is the real danger in food and drink

It is amazing newspapers are outraged by the fact that there is horse meat in so many meat products when Edwin Poots, Health Minister, is planning to put fluoride into our water and not one newspaper will print the story.

There is concern at the slight chance of 'bute' – a cancer-causing drug – being present in horse meat. Yet the fact hydrofluorosilicic acid, the form in which fluoride will be added to our water, is a hazardous waste containing arsenic, lead, mercury and uranium and has been proved to cause cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, thyroid problems and lowers your IQ, does not warrant a column-centimetre.

Never mind horse meat – eventually all burgers made from meat here will have toxic waste in them.

And it won't just be burgers: every drink of water and bite of produce grown in the country will be poisoning you, too.

Where is the media outrage over the mass-medication of the population against their will?

Is it acceptable, because it is the Government doing this, rather than industry? Why does there appear to be a self-imposed media blackout on this issue?


Association for Protection of Family Health

Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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