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Fobbed off over Enniskillen blast inquiry findings

I remain deeply disappointed and totally frustrated at the dithering and shortcomings of this government and its Secretary of State at the failure to inform the public as to their findings on the Remembrance Day Bomb in Enniskillen in 1987.

We are now waiting 26 years for justice to be done while in the meantime people, particularly those closely impacted by the events of that horrible day, have to live with the trauma and memories scarring their minds.

It may have become the forgotten massacre for many but for the families of the 12 victims, as well as the approximately 60 people injured, it will never be. Ask those who remember that day, they will not only recall the events but their exact whereabouts.

I wrote to the Secretary of State in August asking for an update on enquiries and as yet she has not had the basic courtesy to reply.

In the past week I received a letter from an embarrassed Northern Ireland official stating they were aware I had not received a response and that they hoped to respond shortly.

If this was the case for other politicians, they would be shouting from the roof tops. I have also been promised a meeting with security officials only for this to also be continually postponed. I will not be fobbed off on this. Councillor Raymond Farrell

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