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Focus on Nolan was out of step

Having watched the final episode of the BBC NI series 'Going the Distance' about ordinary people training and then participating in the Belfast City Marathon, I can't help but think that the BBC made an extraordinary error by involving Stephen Nolan in the programme.

The progress and development of the participants throughout the series was truly inspiring but unfortunately the most regular talking points in the show centred around the Stephen Nolan 'will he or won't he participate' debate and I think this took away from the personal achievements of the others.

Stephen was not the only participant with issues beyond running 26.2 miles to deal with.

The airtime and footage broadcast of him describing his eating and lifestyle habits could have been used to highlight in greater detail the battles that the other participants faced in preparing for such a daunting and arduous task.

Well done to the others. I am sure your effort and achievement will motivate people to the startline next year.

D A Dornan



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