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Focus should also be on Bush over Iraq war

The 2.6 million-word report following the Chilcot Inquiry into the decision to go to war with Iraq is bound to make life difficult for Tony Blair. It is a pity that the same thing is not happening in the USA with regard to George W Bush.

It does not take a degree in rocket science to conclude that the 2003 war that resulted in the deposition of Saddam Hussein was ill-advised (to say the least), motivated by a near-fabricated existence of weapons of mass destruction.

The report will surely confirm that the Iraq war was grossly unjustified.

For a time the so-called "Western powers", namely the USA and Britain, have been toying with the idea that they are the "world police", with hidden oil and domestic weapon industry interests lurking in the background.

The two Western powers went to war in Iraq, which had the effect of awakening a sleeping dog as it were, galvanising a brewing Islamic radicalism against the West and sending young British and American soldiers to a war without a justifiable cause.

Moreover, the resulting destabilisation of Iraq has been massive.

Following the Iraq report some mothers of young soldiers who met their death in Iraq are now calling Blair a "terrorist".

Perhaps this is too strong a word, but seeing the consequences of the Iraq war in terms of bloodshed, one could say that George W Bush and Tony Blair have blood on their hands.


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