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Folk on Capitol Hill as divided as our own MPs

"APPROVAL rating languishes at low levels", "One in five says replacing all members is the best way to fix it", "One in seven (14%) says bipartisan co-operation is the ticket to fixing it".

These quotes come from a recent Gallup survey on how the general public view their politicians. I have heard other people saying that we should just shut the place down: "The Folks on the Hill are useless".

However, these statistics relate to the folks on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. There is gridlock in the US Senate and House of Representatives.

There is no agreement on anything. Just filibuster and veto. It is not just in Stormont where we see political deadlock.

Some have called for direct rule to solve the situation. Maybe it would work. Maybe the US Congress should shut down and hand power back to Westminster and the Crown after 238 years. Let the ConDem coalition run the US.

Sure, if it's good enough for us, then it's good enough for them.



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