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Football authorities have no interest in families

For years various football associations/organisations have been telling us how they want more families to come to football matches.

I have been taking my two boys to Northern Ireland matches since they were both at primary school - one has been going now for 20 years and one for 13 years. I myself have been attending games for 45 years.

In all these years I have always paid the full-price block booking/tickets for the boys.

We have also been to many away matches.

We finally make it; we are on our way to the Euros. So, myself and the boys book our flights and hotels and make our applications for tickets for the three qualifying matches. We are told our loyalty will be rewarded with tickets, as only 5,500 fans renewed their block booking campaign cards for the Euro qualifiers and they - we - will get the first offer of tickets.

Well, what happens next is unbelievable. Myself and my youngest son get the three tickets and my oldest lad gets none - not one single ticket?

You can imagine the scenario: it's like Santa has left one boy loads of presents, but basically told the other boy: "You're not getting anything." What a joke.

So, they want families to attend matches, do they?

These people have absolutely no interest in fans in general - and most certainly no interest in families.


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