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Football’s debt to Linfield and Windsor Park

The proposed deal between the IFA and Linfield FC is not about the perceived benefits to Linfield but the gains to football in the province generally.

Increased seating and ticket sales will add much-needed finance to our association who, in return, will be in a better position to assist other clubs in Northern Ireland, support grassroots football and maintain and provide a stronger national team.

When the Maze project floundered it was obvious that Windsor Park be utilised to act as a backup facility. To build a new arena solely for football would be financially impossible.

Throughout 125 years Linfield have had many men with visionary ideas. This culminated in the staging of international matches from 1938. Records indicate that when the contract with the IFA expired in the 1950s no other club tendered for the contract. It was Linfield again who came in to save International football for NI.

The football fraternity should be thankful for Linfield. Without them there wouldn’t be a Windsor Park to refurbish in the first place.

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