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For morality's sake, keep care homes open

I WRITE out of concern for our mother and for all elderly and vulnerable residents of trust residential homes; also, very importantly, for the morale of the dedicated and experienced staff.

After the trust's so-called 'consultation' process, which gave little or no prior notice of its announcements and little or no opportunity to comment, I am alarmed to discover the trust's claim that closures are necessary, because the need is, apparently, no longer there, indicated by falling numbers.

This is very strange indeed, when set alongside the fact that, when in Northern Ireland, I have more than once been told that my mother is very lucky to be in her particular home, "because you can't get into it anymore".

If numbers are falling, there must now be empty rooms. Has the trust been refusing entry to would-be residents in order to be able to claim falling numbers?

If so, this would be disgraceful and deceitful, but it is the only explanation I can think of, given the facts at my disposal.

If I am right, this whole initiative has no credible basis – only doubtful motives and underhand methods.

For the sake of both democracy and morality, it should be halted at once. People deserve better.


Ilfracombe, Devon

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