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Force of Nato making states fall into line

A NEW domino effect is being seen around the world today, where states one by one are being pounded into submission by Nato, the self-proclaimed world army.

This domino theory is being promoted by the government of the United States, with other western countries tagging along as second lieutenants, as it were.

The speculation is that, if one state in a region can be pounded into submission with tacit approval from global institutions, but without a general outcry from onlooking countries, then the surrounding countries will follow.

The domino theory has been used by successive US administrations, most noticeably since the fall of the Soviet Union, in a quest for global dominance.

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, the domino effect will justify a restructuring, or reordering, of society so that there will be no need to pound countries into submission and co-operation between states will lead to greater freedoms, a growing prosperity for all and an end to the insanity we've just witnessed in Libya.


Hillsborough, Co Down


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