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Forget a new identity, we need a new attitude

IT is surely clear that the incorporation of Northern Ireland into a tighter UK, or an Irish Republic, is a non-starter.

All recent surveys have indicated that we are generally happy as we are.

Neither the general public in Britain or the Republic is interested in taking on a fractious, costly and contrary group, who, in spite of all the cajoling and largesse gifted to us, still have not solved our problems.

No one I know is interested in the faction-fights which pass for politics here. So we are left with two major parties focused on maintaining sectarianism; harking back to the fear-mongering which blighted us for the last 60 years.

I and many of my contemporaries are fearful of a repeat of the stupidity, bigotry, narrow-mindedness and evil of the last 60 years, We see signs of it all around us.

Our political leadership shows little positive, progressive vision; no enthusiasm, no ability to think, or sell the big, inclusive ideas.

How often do we hear the cry for good, progressive leadership? It is time for a new agenda; time for a new attitude.

We need less squabbling about flags, parades and memorials; they do not produce education, or prosperity.

We need to stop deliberately provoking others, or being provoked as a knee-jerk reaction.

How about, as a starter, we have a commitment to more efficient government, less bureaucracy, more effective decision-making?

CLLR TOM EKIN (Alliance)

Belfast City Council

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