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Forget an election, just bring back direct rule

So, Martin has resigned and poor Arlene goes as a result as well.

It all makes the DUP election campaign of last year, which focused on the importance of making Foster the First Minister, look a bit stupid. She is only Fist Minister as long as she has Sinn Fein support.

I don't want another election. What is the point? Where would it take us?

The Westminster Government needs to look at recent elections, where almost half of the electorate did not vote and many of those who did vote did so with little enthusiasm.

When I look at the Speaker and most of his Assembly colleagues, I see incompetence and arrogance. They hire overpaid, unqualified advisers and produce so little in return.

Democratic votes are vetoed and meaningful action on Northern Ireland's many outstanding issues, such as the underfunded health service, are barely on the radar.

Enough is enough. Please, not another pointless local election. Introduce direct rule now.

It can only be an improvement, and the money currently used for MLAs, the countless constituency offices and the mountain of political advisors can be put to better use.


Newtownards, Co Down

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